Thursday, May 31, 2007

Web 2.0 Networking

Wow, I just rediscovered this blog that I have not posted on since January. I guess this could be considered to be an inactive blog.

Since the beginning of year, the buzz word that I have been increasingly hearing is Web 2.0. I have joined a number of sites that are considered to be Web 2.0 networking sites. These sites have the ability to network with other users who may or may not be blog owners themselves. Usually they do have some sort of site that they are promoting. Here is a list of Web 2.0 sites that I have been using for networking.

  • is a great site for discovering great blogs. It has many great communities, and gives its users more than one way to communicate with other users. Sign up for a free account, and then install the free recent Mybloglog readers widget to your site. This not only lets you see the most recent Mybloglog users that have been on your site, which can be customized to be from 5 to 100 users, but it also gives some basic site stats. Here is mybloglog profile page, please feel free to add me to your contacts. I just added two contacts that had visited my profile is an awesome networking tool.
  • is another social networking site that I have been using of late. Very similar to Mybloglog, but it does have some other cool features that Mybloglog does not have. Most importantly, it is not part of the network of sites that Yahoo has acquired(that I am aware of) Some of the features that I like about it are the discussion boards, the shout box, and just the ability to meet and contact other bloggers. My Blogcatalog profile.
  • allows users to stay connected to their network of friends via IM, cell phone, or the actual site. Users update the site as events as random as having a cup of coffee occur. I am relatively new to twitter, but have seen that it is a good way to add contacts and to create buzz about programs or sites you may be working on. My Twitter name is EmperorAnton. Given to me by my friend Kenny, in relation to the Emperor from Star Wars.
  • is the site were I host my pictures. It is not only an online picture hosting service, though, it also has the ability to develop a network of picture friends. Lots of great features make this site a truly awesome site to use for networking. Much like, it was also acquired by Yahoo. My flickr photo page.
Well these five sites are some good Web 2.0 resources that can be used for networking. Being short of time, I will end this post by directing any readers that may stumble upon it, to the Web 2. blog posts on Pixelheadonline.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Web 2.0 Portals from

I have been keeping my eye on a local portal company that is positioned for big things this coming year. The site, which is a web directory, also has a growing number of sites in its growing network that each represent a portal for a given geographic area. The company started out with its flagship, but now has three additional local portals:
Each site is run by a town guide, who is a person from the community that the site represents. Accordingly, the person who is fortunate enough to become a town guide also is able to share in the revenue of the site which comes from advertising of local businesses.
Some features of the sites include forums, a directory of local businesses, classified adds, calendar of local events, real estate listings, shopping guides, and a user game called City Sleuth.
Visitors to the site can join the site and then participate in the game and actually get prizes.
Currently, there are openings for town guards in the towns of Pottstown, Norristown, Radner, West Chester, Phoenixville, Exton, and Collegeville. Person's interested in becoming a town guard should visit the Topicalbeach Topic Guides page for more information.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Network For Sale

I just came across a forum posting about a Network of sites that is for sale. The Slap network of sites which seems to be a network of sites that deal with proxy servers? I could be wrong about this. I did join the forum, and will post a question.
  • is a site that allows you to send text messages free to any phone. I did try it and got the message but with nobody at
  • a site with a script that allows you to surf the web safely
  • an online game site, played one game, it was pretty simple
  • a prank email server, but I was unable to get it to send me an email
  • a video site that is hosted by you tube.
  • this was to be the main slap network site.

Well, as I looked at the network, I am hoping he was not asking too much, as I am not even sure it was worth the investment that he has in the sites.

Proxy servers from what I gather allow surfing of the web undetected which insures privacy. Hmm good information about Proxies.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Hard Money Blog -I recently created a new blog entitled "My Hard Money Blog" with one of the first posts Why Study Hard Money? , which tells the purpose or reason for the blog. I think a blog about hard money will help me to increase my knowledge about real estate investing, which is the way that many millionaires have made their fortunes. Rich Dad, Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki said that if you want to be rich, then invest in your vocabulary. Study what the rich people study. With this blog, I am increasing not only my vocabulary, but I am learning about a vehicle that can create wealth. MyHardMoneyblog, will allow me to study the subject of "Investing in Real Estate with Hard Money".

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Pixelhead Project Network

Pixelheadonline is growing. Pixelhead Project Network(PPN) was introduced in the new blog,, which is one of two actual blogs for the general directory which as been discussed in previous posts. This site is actually the site were the idea of the pixelheadonline site began.

What is the purpose of this network?

The purpose of the network as with any network is to support each of its members and other sites that request support. Support in the form of advertising, referals and in the form of utilizing knowledge that has been gained in the development of each site and the network.


  • Post daily to at least one network blog.
  • Do one site review of a site listed in the Pixelheadonline directory.
  • Get one incoming link per network member per week at a minimum.
  • Learn about methods for networking on the Internet.

Friday, September 15, 2006 Blog now has an online blog. I made my first site review as I had suggested in the post
Network of Sites: . The site I reviewed is, which is a site that has information for hard money lenders and borrowers. To read the review of go here.

At present the Pixelhead blog is a little raw, but I will be giving it some attention this coming weekend, and hope to add RSS feed buttons, and do a couple more site reviews along with promoting the site. I also want to go into the template and modify it so that the blog more closely resembles the actual site. Currently, pixelhead has 4 submission methods, but I plan on promoting the paid methods in my promotion methods. Getting the blog cached and getting some one way links so that it gets some page rank will be center of my focus when I have scheduled pixelhead time.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Directory List Blog

Directory Cache hypothesis: create a blog, Resources for Test, that lists the links that I have submitted for a given site, inorder to increase the number of sites that are cached or increase the time it takes to cache a site.
I am going to create a test blog on that is a list of links that I have requested a link from for a non-disclosed bowling site. The purpose of this blog is to see if it has any affect on the number of links that are cached. I will put in the link to the category page that I requested, and list the google cache date if any, and maybe a brief comment if I so desire about the link. Links maybe blogs or directory or other commercial sites. The reason I am going to start it on Wordpress is that it allows for the use of categories. This will allow me to expand this if to other sites if it is successful in increasing the cache of sites that I have applied for a link.