Monday, September 11, 2006

Directory List Blog

Directory Cache hypothesis: create a blog, Resources for Test, that lists the links that I have submitted for a given site, inorder to increase the number of sites that are cached or increase the time it takes to cache a site.
I am going to create a test blog on that is a list of links that I have requested a link from for a non-disclosed bowling site. The purpose of this blog is to see if it has any affect on the number of links that are cached. I will put in the link to the category page that I requested, and list the google cache date if any, and maybe a brief comment if I so desire about the link. Links maybe blogs or directory or other commercial sites. The reason I am going to start it on Wordpress is that it allows for the use of categories. This will allow me to expand this if to other sites if it is successful in increasing the cache of sites that I have applied for a link.

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